High-Performance Electric Transaxle for High-Speed Vehicles


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The Rotontek High-Performance Electric Transaxle is a robust solution for high-speed vehicles, combining transmission, axle, and differential into one compact unit. Engineered for maximum efficiency, it delivers high input speed and substantial output torque. This durable, low-maintenance unit operates quietly, enhancing your vehicle's performance while reducing energy consumption.

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In the realm of high-speed vehicles, Rotontek is a leading name that embodies the principles of innovation and superior design. Today, we are excited to introduce the Rotontek High-Performance Electric Transaxle, a game-changer set to redefine high-speed transportation.

Design and Manufacturing

Rotontek's design philosophy of incorporating robustness with sleekness is evident in the manufacturing of this electric transaxle. The unit is engineered with precision, combining the functionality of the transmission, axle, and differential into a singular compact module. This design ensures minimal power loss during transmission, thereby offering optimal performance.

This transaxle is manufactured with industry-leading technology and adheres to the most stringent quality standards. Rotontek uses high-strength materials for each component to withstand extreme operating conditions and ensure durability.

Product Specifications

The following are some of the key specifications of the Rotontek Electric Transaxle:

  • Input Speed: 4000 RPM
  • Output Torque: 500 Nm
  • Transmission Ratio: 8:1
  • Weight: 50 Kg
  • Operating Voltage: 48-96 V
  • Noise Level: <50 dB

High-Performance Electric Transaxle for High-Speed Vehicles

Key Features and Benefits

The Rotontek High-Performance Electric Transaxle is loaded with features that make it the go-to choice for any high-speed vehicle:

  1. High Performance: The transaxle has been designed for high-speed applications. Its high input speed and substantial output torque ensure your vehicle can perform optimally even under high-load conditions.
  2. Energy Efficiency: The advanced design reduces power loss during transmission, making your vehicle more energy-efficient. This means you can drive faster and farther on a single charge.
  3. Ease of Installation: Its compact design and easy-to-follow instructions mean that it can be installed quickly and easily, saving you time and money.
  4. Durability: The use of high-strength materials and superior construction ensures the longevity of the product, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  5. Low Maintenance: With its robust design and quality components, the Rotontek Electric Transaxle is designed to require minimal maintenance, thereby reducing overall ownership costs.
  6. Quiet Operation: Thanks to Rotontek's advanced design and manufacturing process, the electric transaxle operates below 50 dB noise level, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.

In summary, the Rotontek High-Performance Electric Transaxle sets a new standard for high-speed vehicles. By integrating this electric transaxle into your vehicle, you can expect exceptional speed, enhanced energy efficiency, and a remarkable reduction in maintenance requirements. Experience the perfect fusion of power and innovation with Rotontek.


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High-Performance Electric Transaxle for High-Speed VehiclesHigh-Performance Electric Transaxle for High-Speed Vehicles